TV Ads


Place your business’ message on networks like CNN, Fox News, ESPN, USA and TBS. Greco Group helps determine which networks best match your demographics and the areas that fit your geographic needs.


-Flexibility – TV offers unparalleled ability to be both big and small: placing brands in front of audiences in dozens of cities all across the country.

-Geographic Targeting – By effectively using TV, businesses can reduce waste by concentrating a message only in the areas needed to reach the right audience.

-Demographic Targeting – TV allows companies to advertise on the cable networks that best allow them to reach the niche audiences interested in a product or service.


-Increases efficiency by focusing on the markets where a core audience is located – eliminating the need to pay for wasted coverage.

-Enables brands to be associated with the most-watched programming on television for increased visibility and credibility.

-Expands reach by aggregating audiences across multiple networks reaching similar audiences.